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It couldn't be simpler; select a size, upload your photo and sit back and wait for your lovely order to arrive.

Step 1. Select a size

Step 2. Single or double sided

Step 3. Select back colour (Single sided)

Stone colour back (Default)

Step 4. Cushion filling

Step 5. Select a format

We have two brand new options that allow you to upload multiple photos! In the boxes below the black squares represent where the images will appear in relation to the cushion face; assuming an upright position.

Square single image Square single image Square single image Square single image Square format 1 Square format 2

Step 6. Upload an image

Attention: Please wait for your image to finish uploading before you continue.

Best image quality: To ensure the best possible quality product, we recommend using files taken either straight from your camera/computer or the Instagram account* on your phone. These will produce the highest quality print and therefore end product for you.

*The files on your phone/computer may be of a higher quality and resolution than those from your online Instagram/Facebook account.

You can now use your Instagram or Facebook photos, simply click the relevant button below.









Step 7. Quantity

Step 8. Add to Cart

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What type of file should I use?

The best format for your files is JPEG. Most digital photos are already in this format so there's no need to change anything.